Cover Drive Set Each Other Off In ‘Sparks’ Visual

Published On March 16, 2012 | Bajan Invasion, Barbados, Celebrities, Music News

With the release of Cover Drive’ s visual for their latest single ‘Sparks,’ CD Fielders can mark another day off their calendars until the premiere of their debut album ‘Bajan Style.’ ‘Sparks’ is the third single from their debut album and as much as we loved the single from day one, we’re even more excited about the video.

As the clip opens, ‘Sparks’ shows the Cover Drive members: Amanda, T-Ray Armstrong, Barry ‘Bar-Man’ Hill and Jamar Harding in a club as Amanda and T-ray offer their vocal pieces. The members are enjoying themselves on the club scene until a random partygoer pushes himself in between Amanda and the boys causing them to get up and leave.

The scene changes to a sunny and sandy beach in Los Angeles as we see them performing the hit in a lifeguard hut. Amanda seems to be racking up numerous wardrobe changes but for someone so beautiful, that’s hardly a problem.

The tides take a turn at this point as the guys are performing for three ladies who seem to be their other significant halves. Like Amanda gained all of the attention in the club, the boys seem to the center of attention here and unfortunately, Amanda is all-alone and walks out.

They go driving about the city in an open-top jeep as they take in the sights until they are seen performing in front of a sold out crowd. Amanda and T-Ray seem to be closer than ever and it sends across the message that they are friends who can be so much more.

Overall, we’ve fallen head over heels in love with the visual and one thing for sure is that Cover Drive will be making 2012 their year. ‘Sparks’ will be officially released on April 22rd with ‘Bajan Style’ hitting shelves on April 30th.

Watch Cover Drive in ‘Sparks’ Below:

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