Justin Bieber Talks Upcoming Tour With Ryan Seacrest

Published On March 31, 2012 | Celebrities, Music News

Justin Bieber and Ryan Seacrest are the best of pals and in a recent chat, he revealed some of his plans for the road this summer, his single ‘Boyfriend,’ which Seacrest refers to as “a massive monster hit” and his second fragrance.

He spoke about his upcoming tour saying that it should kick off this coming summer. “After I finish my album and my album comes out, then I am going to rehearse for my tour and then I am going to go on tour. So, probably this summer, the end of summer,” he said.

JB also confirmed that he would be releasing a follow up fragrance to ‘Someday.’ He said, “Yes, we are doing that. We’re doing another one, it’s just a branch off of that and it’s a new scent.”

One of the most important subjects that he touched in the interview was the reason why he selected ‘Boyfriend’ as the first single from ‘Believe.’ He said, “It was a really hard choice. We had so many songs, so many up-tempos we could have released, and I thought we should slow it down a little bit. I feel like every single that’s dropping is like this [beats out a faster tempo] and you can only take so much of that, so I wanted to do something a little different, slow it down.” “It’s just something a little bit more mature but also something I think I’m ready for.”

He also stated that there were countless people who gave him their opinions but he was the one who made the actual decision about the selection seeing that he has to live with his career.

“There’s so many people that are going to give me opinions and tell me how my career should go,” he said. “But I’m the only one who can ultimately make those decisions, because I am the one who is going to have to live with my career for the rest of my life. So, I have to make those decisions, where I want my career to go. So I thought this was the perfect single, so that is why it was my first.”

So what can we expect from ‘Believe?’ Well, Bieber says that it’s going to have a classic pop vibe. He said, “It’s kind of classic, I feel. Because the songs I feel won’t get old. The music is very fresh, but it’s also I’m taking a lot from old school music, like a lot of Michael Jackson is inspired in this album. A lot of old R&B. A lot of old pop. Just stuff that I feel I can bring into, but also make fresh and new. So, it’s pretty special.”

There you have it folks, stay tuned with Star Trident for everything Justin Bieber.

Watch Justin Biebe’s Interview With Ryan Seacrest Below:

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