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Published On April 7, 2012 | Bajan Invasion, Celebrities, Music News, Publications

Teen Now Magazine recently caught up with Barbadian band Cover Drive where they compiled fact files about each member and found out a little bit more about their opinions on being ill, what it’s like in Barbados and many more interesting topics that are sure to blow your mind.

First off is Karen Amanda Reifer, the lead singer and only female member of Cover Drive. Reifer spoke about what she does when she’s back home saying that she really enjoys hanging with friends, eating Chicken and Potato Roti at The Ackee Tree and catching up on well-deserved sleep. “Seeing my family, going down to the south coast, eating Bajan food, relaxing and catching up on some sleep, which we’ve been deprived of for the last few weeks.”

She also dished on her shopping habbits labeling it as “terrible.” “Yes! It’s terrible. When I go to a mall with the boys, they walk with a leash to hold me back. I’m obsessed with shoes and I love Kurt Geiger. There’s always one pair that says ‘Amanda, buy me!,’ “ she says.

Amanda commented on their upcoming debut album ‘Bajan Style’ revealing that they’re excited and ensuring Teen Now that it will definitely offer endless sunshine. “It’s called Bajan Style. We’re super-excited.”she said excitedly. She continued, “Honestly, you’re gonna get your vacation in Barbados when it comes out. It makes you feel like you’re at a beach party. It’ll give you sunshine!”

She also finds that U.K. pop bands are “so-cute!” and she’s got her eyes on two special and very lucky men – one from The Wanted and the other from One Direction. Amanda believes that a man should make you laugh and apart from being super cute, both Zayn (One Direction) and Jay (The Wanted) do just that. Watch out Tinie !

Next up is Thomas Ray Armstrong better knows by his nickname and stage name T-Ray. He may be infamous for cracking inappropriate jokes with Amanda but besides that, he spoke a bit about their video for ‘Sparks,’ what it’s like to be ill and his favourite Bajan food.

T-Ray revealed a very shocking fact about the ‘Sparks’ video, which is that they were all sick during the time that it was filmed. “Amanda and I caught the flu but luckily for Amanda, she was a day ahead of me in terms of symptoms. On our first day, I couldn’t get out of bed, I was vomiting but the video came out great in the end.” He jokingly said, “Hopefully you can’t tell were sick.” We really can’t!

Jamar Angelo Harding more commonly known as Jamar isn’t really enjoying his time at home telling the magazine that he’s sick as well but his mommy is taking good care of him. “I got sick as soon as I got to Barbados. I have the flu. So I’m not having the time of my life right now,” he said. He continued to talk about his mother saying, “She’s a very natural person. I respect that, but I want to take medicine, which she doesn’t like to use, so I sneak a bit if I’m not well.”

Snack Man misses home and as much as he loves his music, he misses the tropical feel of the island. “I like to surf. That’s probably why I’m so miserable right now! I can’t go surfing!” he said. He’s also “excited and nervous” for the release of ‘Bajan Style’ and is looking forward to performing ‘Lick Ya Down’ live.

Barry Hill has always wanted to be a music producer and he’s steadily reaching his goal. He loves being back home and if given the chance, he admitted that he would take Teen Now to Harrison’s Cave to witness the stalagmites and stalactites.

Bar-Man is called the ‘No1 star’ by his family when he goes home but they all treat him the same. “My family and everyone else treats me the same, except for my mum, who now calls me ‘No1 star.’ That’s the only difference.” He continues, “When we go out, because we’re kind of well-known in Barbados, I’ll meet someone and they’ll automatically know who I am. No one really freaks out and asks for our autographs because people here are really chilled. They’re like: ‘Oh my gosh, there’s the guy from Cover Drive!’ then that’s it!”

He’s excited about ‘Bajan Style’ but doesn’t’ have a favourite track. “I don’t have a favourite track, because we recorded like 100 songs and then we had to choose just 12. It was so hard. They were all of our favourites. Sometimes there would be a song that two people liked and two people didn’t, but we made sure that we all liked it before putting it on there.”

Luckily, even though its an arduous task to find album content that they all like, everyone still gets along fine. “If there’s a split decision, we do a thing called RSP-tock, paper, scissors! We’ve made some really important decisions that way!” He’s also revealed that he is interested in working with UK sweetheart Pixie Lott.

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