Jimek Wins Beyoncé ‘End Of Time’ Remix Competition

Published On April 18, 2012 | Celebrities, Music News

In February, Beyoncé reached out to her millions of fans asking them to participate in a contest on her official website in collaboration with SoundCloud for the best ‘End Of Time’ remix. The contest was open to 25 countries with each remix being uploaded to SoundCloud and after 3,000 remixes and four weeks of consideration by the judges who included Beyoncé and DJ Afrojack, Los Angeles based producer Jimek was announced as the winner.

Jimek’s remix is like no other as he stripped down the track to highlight Beyoncé’s voice while adding very little to the instrumental half of the song. Full of percussions, we hear the new beat support Bey’s vocals even better than the original as she sings: “Come take my hand / I won’t let you go / I’ll be your friend / I will love you so deeply / I will be the one to kiss you at night / I will love you till the end of time.”

Beyoncé surprised Jimek via Skype where she informed him that he was the lucky winner. After confessing that he’s not much of a speaker, he thanked her from the bottom of his heart for choosing him. Bey advised him to stay humble and he burst out in tears just before the end of their conversation. As the contest winner, Jimek (Radzimir Debski) will walk away with $4,000 USD and his remix will appear on Beyoncé’s upcoming EP, ‘4: The Remix.’

Beyoncé also released the album artwork for ‘4: The Remix’ and it’s simple yet creative as it shows the Grammy Award winning artist in an animated light. Resembling a fashion designer’s sketch, Bey is featured on the cover in an array of drawings as she wears some of her memorable outfits.

‘4: The Remix’ will be digitally available on April 24th.

‘4: The Remix’ Track Listing:

  1. “Run the World (Girls)” Dave Aude Club Remix
  2. “Countdown” Isa Machine Remix
  3. “Best Thing I Never Had” Lars B Remix
  4. “Love On Top” DJ Escape & Tony Coluccio Remix
  5. “End Of Time” WAWA Extended
  6. “End Of Time” JIMEK Remix

Watch Beyoncé Skype Jimek Below:

Listen To Jimek’s ‘End Of Time’ Remix Below:

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2 Responses to Jimek Wins Beyoncé ‘End Of Time’ Remix Competition

  1. Maciek says:

    Hey, very cool description of the remix – on other sites, they just say he won and noone analyses why, and what’s good about it. Good job! :)
    I digged a little bit to see who the guy is (I was able, cause I speak Polish ;)) and here’s a short bio:

  2. Xfac says:

    As remixer of the Beyoncè’s competition END OF TIME I’ve finally read about the winner, a producer named Jimek from Poland working in Los Angeles.
    This is just a consideration about how the competition has been managed, I have nothing to critic to Jimek’s remix which is absolutely a well done production with no doubts.
    Competition’s terms and conditions were saying the winner would have been choosen from the most voted top 50 remixes through soundcloud, so any competitor started to promote his remix to get votes, plays and comments as much as possible. Who finished and published the remix earlier had statistically more advantage to get higher amount of votes through the active time of the competition before the submission deadline. Personally I’ve submitted mine a month before the deadline and I appeared few times in the top 3 tracks on the Beyoncè website highlighting the top 3 most voted remixes.
    My doubts are about these 2 things:

    1- the competition was ended due to its normal deadline date to be reopened immediately the day after for one weeks more, strange thing.

    2- Jimek’s remix has been submitted just the last day before the 2nd deadline closing date,his track was the No. 2936 and the last uploaded track was the No. 2948,this means less than an hour from the competition’s closing time. So I cannot believe he had votes enough to be in the top 50. Moreover his soundcloud account was made just for this competition featuring that track only with a small amont of followers, even the plays of this track have been generated just after his winning, now he got 240,000 plays but it’s normal after he appeared as the winner in several articles out there plus the official beyoncè’s website, before that he had few plays only against some thousand from the other competitors submitting remixes earlier and with more fans and followers who voted them.

    It’s easy to understand that competitions are made just to generate buzz on the song which is gonna be remixed but to use competitors to promote their remixes trying to be in the top 50 to be selected from the judges of the competition and discovered the winner is a good producer which theorically had no chance to be in these top 50 cause it was a last minute suspicious submission is frustrating! Morover this top 50 chart has been not published anywere, which is not transparent at all, not to mention all the competitors who have the right to know if they were in this selection or not after all them efforts to be included and played by the a&rs and judges from the Beyoncè’s staff.

    Best wishes to Jimek and his music, I hope similar future competitions from major artists and record companies will be more clear, honest and transaparents respecting fans, remixers and competitors as they rally deserve.

    For the love of music.

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