Lana Del Rey Delivers Her Biopic In ‘Carmen’ Video

Published On April 21, 2012 | Celebrities, Music News

Lana Del Rey is an image of expression and originality in her new video for ‘Carmen.’ Similar to her previous releases, the singer has once again utilized old film clips and the vintage Hollywood filming style as she seamlessly blends aged footage with clips of herself walking around New York City, random shots of buildings and very talented pole dancers.

Opening with the classic colour striped television screen, we see the scene flash between footage of a red rose and LDR in the arms of her beau. Once the music starts, we see a throng of photographers with their vintage cameras and flashes – no doubt the paparazzi of yesteryear.

We’re introduced to a woman who is a master on the pole and as she illustrates the art, the scene fades between the New York City landscape, footage of drugs and their effects on the body, cartoons and Del Rey riding around the city with her love interest.

As an auditory existence, ‘Carmen’ tells the story about two girls who advise each other throughout their lives and are unsure whether they’d prefer a faux-glamorous life style, Or to settle down and live a steady life. ‘Carmen’ is in reality Lana Del Rey’s wild alter ego who sometimes trade places with the singer when the time is right.

This meaning behind the song is perhaps why she uses scenes of drugs and pole-dancing to show ‘Carmen’ while the footage of her living it up with her beau are the perfect example of her character when she is Lana Del Rey.

There is even a conversational aspect of the clip where she asks her boyfriend, “So, talk to me about why I’m your dream girl.” “It’s going to be a short conversation…” he replies, causing her to burst out in laughter saying, “That’s so mean!”

Prior to the closing of the clip, the music changes to French pianist Erik Satie‘s “Gymnopédie No.1.” and we see footage of Del Rey frolicking in a grassy field as she spins her white dress round and round. Ending with the classical “fin.”

Definitely her most artistic and meaningful video to date, the variation of footage used to create this visual masterpiece is near impossible to describe as it more so serves the role of a biopic. Personally, we love Lana Del Rey and we love this video just as much as we love her. It’s perfect, it’s artistic, and it shows who she really is.

Watch Lana Del Rey’s ‘Carmen’ Video Below:

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