Justin Bieber Shows His Mature Side In ‘Boyfriend’ Video Premiere

Published On May 3, 2012 | Celebrities, Music News, Television

Justin Bieber has been quite the tease with his latest video ‘Boyfriend’ and tonight, after numerous teasers, the 18-year-old singer premiered the highly anticipated visual for ‘Boyfriend’ on ‘MTV First: Justin Bieber.’

This is JB’s first video since he reached the big 18 and as we’ve been seeing from the teasers over the past few weeks, the Biebs has really grown up. As we hear the thumping beat, we see the clip open with grinding gears, melting ice and a silhouette of JB wearing a hat while standing in front of the moon.

He even gets hot and heavy with a girl as he whispers “If I was your boyfriend, I’d never let you go / 
I can take you places you ain’t never been before
 / Baby take a chance or you’ll never ever know …” into her ear. We’re also treated to the previously released scenes of an all black clad JB with dozens of female hands rubbing him all over as he flawlessly hits those high notes.

The Biebs switched it up on everyone and the real video starts as the camera zooms out and we see two girls watching the video on an iPhone. JB shows his dangerous side as he drifts his car around a pole before the scene switches to him and his Selena Gomez lookalike co-star at a party in a car park.

One thing’s for sure-JB is getting rather close to her as he whispers in her ear, holds her close in his arms, dances with her and serenades her on the back of his swagged out ride. He also busts a few moves in the sand with his friends but for the most part, he’s focused on making her fall in love with him.

The video is a tribute to an 18-year-old pop sensation and symbolizes the transition from adolescence into manhood.

‘Boyfriend’ is the first single from Bieber’s upcoming studio produced LP ‘Believe’ out June 19th and the singer is set to make the first live performance of the track on the Season 2 finale of ‘The Voice’ on May 8th.

Watch Justin Bieber’s ‘Boyfriend’ Video Below:

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  1. Ashlee Hooper says:

    Ahh Justin <3

  2. Jessica Weekes says:

    Justin! be my boyfriend!!

  3. Mary says:


  4. déh says:

    to be honest I did not like this girl! justin wants to be my boyfriend hahaha

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