Cover Drive: ‘Bajan Style’ Track-By-Track Album Review

Published On May 9, 2012 | Album News, Bajan Invasion, Barbados, Celebrities, Music News

Fans all around the world have been waiting patiently for Cover Drive’s debut platter since they hit the scene in 2010 and on Monday (May 7th), the band released their highly anticipated LP ‘Bajan Style.’

Under their label Polydor Records, Amanda, T-Ray, Jamar and Barry stayed true to their Caribbean roots with hints of rhythm and island melodies from tracks 1 to 15 while incorporating the ever so dominant pop sound that drives today’s industry and creates such a hype among music lovers of all ages.

‘Bajan Style’ boasts successful singles such as ‘Lick Ya Down,’ ‘Twilight’ and ‘Sparks,’ which all ooze the feeling of fun that has been missing from recent album releases. Described as “guaranteed sand in your shoes” and “a beach party in Barbados,” the sun soaked album is set to take over the radio airways this summer.

Much effort has been put towards the release of their debut LP, although only released in the UK at this point, they have been actively engaging with fans through the use of their “Weekend Lime” video blogs on Youtube and released a video featuring their fellow artists doing it ‘Bajan Style’.

We thoroughly enjoyed each and every track on the album and commend them for a great effort.

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Here’s our track-by-track review of Cover Drive’s ‘Bajan Style:’

1. Bajan Style (Intro)

The opening track to the album, ‘Bajan Style’ is the perfect Caribbean themed start to the 15-track release as it builds up to the other tracks that are offered on the album.

2. Twilight

The band’s second single, ‘Twilight’ is a rhythmic fusion of Caribbean flavour with hints of electronic synths as Amanda sings about her obvious infatuation with another man. “And you know I love to be in control/ But recently I don’t know what to do/ I’m losing it over you,” she sings before T-Ray jumps in and offers to hold her until the light fades away.

3. Lick Ya Down

One of our favourites and a track that often plays as loud as possible on our stereo, ‘Lick Ya Down’ also boasts those Caribbean vibes with a heavy steel pan and swift percussions.

4. Headphones

CDFielders were only introduced to ‘Headphones’ on Monday but it’s one of the strongest and most chill songs on the album. “Boy I want to put you on repeat/ You will be the bass of my heartbeat,” Amanda sings as she explores her vocal range over this airy and tropical beat.

5. That Girl

Amanda, we’d love you to be our girl and these vocals are only adding to our desires. The opening claps of the track support her mysterious vocals before she bursts out into the chorus singing over heavy guitar riffs.

6. Sparks

We fell head over heels for ‘Sparks’ upon it’s release as we heard Amanda sing “Happy to see you /setting me off like sparks /you ignite all the colours inside my heart / on the doorstep like we’ve never been apart / hope you know that I’m happy to see you.” The production of this song rivals that of their first chart topper ‘Lick Ya Down’ and the emotion leaking from the track is unrivaled on the album. The beat and composition is simple and builds to the chorus where we hear Amanda’s voice erase all of our problems.

7. Explode

Opening with solitary synths, it eventually explodes into their signature Caribbean vibe. It’s an unexpected track on a sunshine filled album but every release deserves to have at least one unifying song and we love it.

8. Wrongside

T-Ray shows his vocals on this track while Amanda takes more of a backseat. ‘Wrongside’ has a mellow beat and it’s one of the most suitable songs on the album to play during a bonfire on a tropical beach.

9. Can’t Live In A World

Enter slow vocals over a drum filled beat with guitar riffs and minimal studio production. “Can’t live in a world without you baby” sings Amanda over the drum driven track before she reaches the appealing hook with backing vocals from T-Ray.

10. Hurricane

Just as the title would suggest, ‘Hurricane’ is one of the quickest tracks on ‘Bajan Style’ opening with beat boxing and a swift yet melodic beat as Amanda compares love to the various elements and asks to be loved like a hurricane. For a few seconds, she hits a high nore that makes it an even better moody track. T-Ray also offers to give her what she wants in a lover before ending with a comedic “Lol.”

11. I Know You Too Well

Another swift track, it heavily reminds us of Barbados for some reason as Amanda and T-Ray sing in perfect harmony over a vibrant pulsating beat that makes it very danceable. We can easily see the two dancing on stage to the track and it portrays Amanda as “Sunshine Sexy.”

12. Bajan Style (Outro)

Don’t get us wrong, we love ‘Bajan Style’ but the transition from the previous track into the Outro isn’t as seamless as it should be. Regardless, it still works.

13. She La La Lay

Another airy track, we’re heavily reminded of Barbados and we can easily say that it makes us want to grab a partner and dance the night away.

14. No Breaks

With a more instrumental arrangement, the song is summery anthem as they want to party until the sun goes down.

15. Bajan Style

While the intro and outro split this track into two different pieces, the full song is a definite dance track and we plan to learn the dance in time for summer! It’s a tribute to Cover Drive as they boast about the power of their music and encourage you to loosen up and “do it Bajan Style.” The anthem offers an escalating tempo and when Amanda hits those high notes, there’s no doubt that Cover Drive is taking over this year.

Get your copy of ‘Bajan Style’ on iTunes.

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