Adam Lambert Heads A Rebellion In ‘Never Close Our Eyes’ Video

Published On May 29, 2012 | Celebrities, Music News

Adam Lambert is one who always breaks boundaries when it comes to his music and in the video for ‘Never Close Our Eyes,’ we find the singer trapped in an oppressive scientific facility where he is forced to obey their every command until he decides to raise up and rebel with a group of patients.

In the facility, all of the patients seem to have been brainwashed as they take special pills on a regular basis and undergo some sort of treatment in a chamber. After waking up upon command, Lambert follows the daily routine until the point where he’s scrubbing the floor. From here on, it’s no more subjectivity to the all-white clad individuals as Lambert and a few of the other patients began to dance and soon begin to run to freedom.

They make it to the gates but are met with opposition from the security who spray them with a gas. Luckily for the escapees, Lambert is immune to the substance and a blue force field forms around him that protects him and the group.

All of a sudden, the group undergoes a massive wardrobe change bursting out in colourful ensembles as they begin to dance in the smoke. It’s literally an all out dance party, which perfectly fits the theme of the song as Lambert sings about living life to the fullest!

Watch The Adam Lambert ‘Never Close Our Eyes’ Video Below:

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