Justin Bieber Gets A Concussion While Performing In Paris

Published On June 1, 2012 | Celebrities, Music News

Violence, Injury and Justin Bieber seem to be going hand in hand a little too often as of late. From fighting a paparazzo, to wreaking havoc in Oslo, now the Biebs himself has sustained a terrifying injury. Last night (May 31st), while performing in Paris, Justin Bieber hit into a pane of glass.

TMZ broke the story after speaking with the Biebs, who revealed that during a break between songs, he went backstage for a breather but ended up walking right into the glass. “I was performing on tallest building in Paris,” he said. “There was a glass wall behind me and a railing behind the glass. I went to reach for the railing and hit my head on the glass. Me and glass windows don’t go together.”

“So I hit my head and after that, it really hurt and I felt lightheaded, but my adrenaline pushed me through it and I performed the last song,” he continued. “After that, I went off stage and immediately felt weak and walked down the stairs and passed out for 15 seconds. I was not responsive. I opened my eyes, saw the doctor, who said I had a concussion, but to relax and have someone with me.”
Have no fear ladies, he’s okay: “I feel good. I have a headache, but I feel good. You have to laugh at yourself.”

JB also spoke to TMZ about the entire incident in Oslo saying: “That was crazy. Things were insane. There were 25,000 girls surrounding my hotel. ” “I had to go to a secret location or they’d cancel my show. It was pretty crazy. Norway has been waiting me for a long time. I’ve never been to Norway. When I finally came, they were waiting. Everyone told everyone and the word got out. Everyone took off school. It was nuts.”

Listen to Justin Bieber Talk With TMZ Below:

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews.com.

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