Madonna Kicks Off ‘MDNA’ World Tour In Tel Aviv With A Dark Bang

Published On June 1, 2012 | Celebrities, Music News

Madonna shared photos from rehearsals a few days ago showcasing her dark yet sexy stage full of catholic imagery and today (May 31st), the singer’s ‘MDNA’ tour kicked off at Ramat Gan stadium in Tel Aviv, Israel.

With tens of thousands of loyal fans in attendance, a church bell sounded the beginning of the concert as monks marched on stage in burgundy robes swinging a large bell. After a few minutes of chanting, Madonna finally appeared from a confessional above breaking the glass with a rifle with a handful of monks at her side as the night opened with her sex filled single ‘Girl Gone Wild.’

Wearing an all black ensemble, she jumped into ‘Revolver,’ which featured a video cameo by Lil Wayne and then moved onto a very dark performance of ‘Gang Bang’ that involved the cold-blooded killing of her backup dancers.

Madge then performed a bit of ‘Poppa Don’t Preach’ until the slack line marched on stage for ‘Hung Up.’ She then grabbed a guitar for ‘I Don’t’ Give A,’ which featured a video cameo by Nicki Minaj.

While the fans enjoyed listening to ‘Heartbeat’ and watching contortionists, she made a quick costume change into her white and red cheerleader outfit to perform a mashup of ‘Express Yourself,’ ‘She’s Not Me’ and Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way.’ ‘Give Me All Your Luvin’ was next as the drum line came on stage and dancers danced in the sky.

Following this high-energy point in the concert was a video montage of the singer’s biggest moments in her career as she made another outfit change to another black ensemble to perform ‘Turn Up The Radio.’ She grabbed the guitar once again as fans watched in awe as the entire stage moved as if it was alive.

Rocco joined his mother on stage for a percussive rendition of ‘Open Your Heart,’ before she told the audience: “If there is peace in the Middle East, then there can be peace in the whole world.” “We are all human beings. We all want to love and be loved. We need to rise above our egos and our titles. Treat every human being with dignity and respect. If we don’t, we will never have peace.”

She added: “No conflict can ever be resolved by causing pain to another human being.”

After giving a few words to the audience, she hopped into ‘Masterpiece’ before a video of ‘Justify My Love’ was screened and dancers performed while she made yet another costume change.

Now wearing black and white, she performed an amped up version of ‘Vogue’ before launching into ‘Candy Shop.’ She rubbed her crotch and then mirrors found their way on stage for a performance of ‘Human Nature.’
It was time for Madge to show that she had gone wild as she stripped off her shirt to perform ‘Like A Virgin.’ Even though she lost the shirt, a dancer quietly slipped on a corset and then tightened it so hard that she could hardly breathe. Sacrificing fashion for comfort!

As the sexy, dark and religious ‘MDNA’ opening concert continued, she played a video interlude of ‘Nobody Knows Me’ while she slipped into a diamond robe for ‘I’m Addicted,’ which was full of Kung Fu action.

She then showed the crowd that ‘I’m A Sinner,’ while she played the guitar wearing flowers and projections were shown to make the stage seem as if it was occupied by buses. It wasn’t long until a large choir came on stage for a powerful rendition of ‘Like A Prayer.’

Madonna wrapped up the concert with a performance of ‘Celebration,’ which in many people’s opinion could have been scrapped. All in all, it was an epic show as fans were able to see Madonna exorcise the demons of Guy Ritchie while having a damn good time!

The ‘MDNA’ Tour comes to U.S. waters on August 28th at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia.

Check Out Photos From Madonna’s ‘MDNA’ World Tour Below:


Watch Clips From Madonna’s ‘MDNA’ World Tour Below:


Photo Credit: Ilia Yefimovich/Getty Images / WENN.

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