Fresh Tunes: Justin Bieber – ‘All Around The World’ Feat. Ludacris

Published On June 4, 2012 | Celebrities, Fresh Tunes, Music News

Justin Bieber has literally been jetting ‘All Around The World’ over the past few weeks and on his latest track featuring hitmaker Ludacris, he’s taken a jump into the supercharged world of electro music. The 18-year-old singer may not be able to hit the club but he’s partying in his own way and we’re sure that the Beliebers are uber stoked for this dance track.

“All around the world / People want to be loved / All around the world / They’re no different than us,” he croons with his mature voice over the rapid beat with synths and a heavy supporting bass produced by The Messengers. Ludacris then adds his slick touch to the track as he raps: “Once again / Dynamic duos are back! / Jb, luda! / I love everything about you, / You’re imperfectly perfect! / Everyone’s itching for beauty / But they’re just scratching the surface.”

Compared to JB’s previous release ‘Die In Your Arms,’ ‘All Around The World’ is a big leap from a Jackson5-esque tune to one that reminds us of a collaboration between his mentor Usher and David Guetta. The Biebs is growing up!

The track was originally supposed to hit iTunes tomorrow (June 5th) but it ended up online a day earlier. JB’s manager didn’t seem to have a problem though as he tweeted: “@justinbieber @ludacris not sure why but i will take it. #ALLAROUNDTHEWORLD hit ITUNES early! it’s up now!”

Bieber himself tweeted saying: “Im actually gonna get some rest tonight. u guys can #BIEBERBLAST early!! #ALLAROUNDTHEWORLD is OUT NOW on ITUNES! ”

Coincidentally, Justin Bieber’s upcoming NBC special is also titled ‘All Around The World’ so we’re sure that the Ludacris assisted track will be one of the most highlighted tracks on the one-hour NBC special when it airs on June 21st.

Put on your dancing shoes and hit the dance-floor with Justin Bieber & Ludacris! – Let’s party ‘All Around The World.’ #BieberBlast.

Listen To Justin Bieber – ‘All Around The World’ Feat. Ludacris Below:

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