Capital FM Summertime Ball 2012 Highlights

Published On June 9, 2012 | Celebrities, Music News

The year was 2012, the day was June 9th and the event was Capital FM’s annual ‘Summertime Ball’ mini-festival. London’s Wembley Stadium was invaded by some of music’s biggest artists including: Coldplay, Usher, Justin Bieber, Jessie J, The Wanted, Rita Ora and Cover Drive who all performed their major hits in front of more than 80,000 screaming fans.

We’ve been keeping tabs on the event for the entire day and now we’ve got the highlights for your reading pleasure!

Coldplay: Not only did the band open the 2012 Summertime Ball but they also made their debut performance at the event telling Capital, “it’s great it’s going to be exciting,” and “we’re very grateful to be here.” Coldplay opened for the other acts with an impressive set that included their hits ‘Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall’ and ‘Charlie Brown’.

Following a massive display of pyrotechnics they opened with their hit ‘Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall’ and told their fans “You sound fantastic for four in the afternoon”. The guys then launched into ‘Yellow’ before playing their Rihanna assisted hit ‘Princess Of China.’ ‘Viva La Vida’ was up next as the crowd screamed throughout the song and before performing ‘Charlie Brown,’ Martin shouted “Are there any Beliebers out there?”

Before leaving the stage, Coldplay performed their smash hit ‘Paradise’ and thanked the fans for allowing them to have “the best job in the world”.

Watch Coldplay Perform Below:

Usher: Before hitting the Summertime Ball stage, Usher admitted “This will be my second time playing it so I’m really excited about it.” “I really missed all of the fans since the last time – and right on the eve of my new album ‘Looking For Myself’ – just kind of warming things back up.”

Usher doesn’t play around when it comes to his performances and as the fans watched a stormy sky playing on the screens with the instrumental to ‘OMG,’ the singer rose from below in a leather jacket and moonwalked across the stage as his female dancers joined him for the opening performance of his set.

He soon ditched the jacket and burst into ‘Yeah’ with his male dancers beside him before performing ‘DJ Got Us Fallin’ In love’ and then asking the fans, “How you feeling? You can do better than that! London, I said how you feeling?” Ush then performed ‘Burn,’ which ran smoothly into his ‘Looking 4 Myself’ lead single ‘Climax.’

Techno was up next for Usher as he performed ‘Without You’ and as if he wanted the 80,000 fans in attendance to make babies right there and then, he ripped off his shirt and wrapped up his set with ‘Scream.’

Watch Usher Perform Below:

Justin Bieber: As he continues his journey ‘All Around The World,’ the singer stopped off for the Summertime Ball at London’s Wembley Stadium for some intimate time with his British fans. In true Bieber style, he hit the stage swagged out in a British flag vest and gloves with studded leather jacket. Kicking off his set with his hit ‘Somebody To Love’ and addressed the 80,000 fans in attendance saying: “London, how are you feeling? I’m so happy to be back here at the Capital FM ball.”

“I Have a big question to ask everybody tonight, who wants to be my baby?” he asked the fans before bursting into one of his most famous tracks ‘Baby.’ As the song came to a close, he launched into ‘All Around The World’ before the acoustic guitar player gained most of the spotlight among the other band members as he backed up JB’s performance of ‘Die In Your Arms.’ His mother also received a dedication of ‘Turn To You’ before he performed ‘One Last Lonely Girl’ for his female Beliebers.

Justin hinted that he would be having a surprise guest join him on stage and he soon invited Carly Rae Jepsen center stage as she performed ‘Call Me Maybe’ in a glittery silver dress. As his set came to an end, JB was also joined by his mentor Usher for ‘Never Say Never’ until it all came to and end with his hit ‘Boyfriend.’

Watch Justin Bieber Perform Below:

Jessie J: The British Singer was overjoyed at the fact that she was able to perform at this year’s Summertime Ball and asked the fans “How you doing?” when she first hit the stage. She kicked off her set with ‘Do It Like A Dude’ as ‘N*ggas In Paris’ was being mixed in the background of her performance. Decked out in a ‘BOY’ crop top with studded leather short pants and jacket along with Nike kicks, she was joined on stage by Rizzle Kicks to perform their hit ‘Price Tag.’

As he left the stage, Jessie J took a personal moment to address her injury during last year’s event where she broke her leg. She told the crowd: “A small part of me is just praying I don’t fall over or fall off anything, because it’s amazing to be at the Summertime Ball and be able to run around in front of you guys. There are stairs, though. They might scare me; they’re a little slippery.”

She lost the jacket to perform ‘Who Are You’ telling the fans “I love a slow song.” Another touching moment was up next as she told the fans about her days of being bullied: “I see a lot of young people in here, but sometimes it needs somebody to tell them that its going to be alright.” 

”I’ve been there when you don’t always fit in, but don’t dilute yourself. Every single day, just reach for your dreams. I know it’s cheesy but it’s the truth.”

Once she got everything off of her chest, it was time to “boogie” and the singer performed her fist-pumping hit ‘Laserlight’ accompanied by a heck of a lot of Laser Lights on the stage. ‘Domino’ was the closing track for her set as she asked the fans “to grab the person next to you, even if you don’t know them, and dance – dance like you’ve never danced before.”

With that, Confetti cannons exploded onto the stage and Jessie disappeared.

Watch Jessie J Perform Below:

The Wanted: British Boy Band The Wanted – Max, Siva, Nathan, Jay and Tom – hit up the stage to perform a set full of tracks from their self-titled EP ‘The Wanted’ for the 80,000 fans in attendance. The guys opened with a performance of ‘All Time Low’ while showing off their superiority as the stage rose dozens of feet above the crowd.

Before performing their hit single ‘Lightning,’ the guys told their fellow Brits: “We’ve been in America and nothing compares to coming back to England and playing Wembley Stadium.” The boys then launched into ‘Gold Forever’ and then performed ‘Chasing The Sun’ as the crowd jumped up and down and sang along word for word.

The Wanted was thrilled to be there and ended their set with their smash hit single ‘Glad You Came.” “Just dance to it and have fun, it’s called ‘Glad You Came,’ said Jay.

Watch The Wanted Perform Below:

Rita Ora: British singer Rita Ora was one hot number during this year’s Summertime Ball wearing a crop top with jeans and high socks that she tied together. “Make some noise, let’s have a good time!” she shouted as she made her way onto the stage. “Wembley, what’s up?” “London, hello! My name is Rita Ora and let’s have a good night tonight!”

She then burst out into her Tinie Tempah collabo ‘R.I.P’ and then performed her hit single ‘Hot Right Now.’ Ora’s performance was short but sweet!

Watch Rita Ora Perform Below:

Cover Drive: The Barbadian band was “So excited to get on stage tomorrow and play!!! #STB” and later tweeted “On our way to Wembley! Doing it #BAJANSTYLE in a few hours to our biggest audience yet!!! #STB.” Having released their debut album ‘Bajan Style,’ the guys and gal were super excited to perform at Wembley in front of the 80,000 people in attendance.

They performed their hit single ‘Twilight’ during the Special Breakers sections of the Summertime Ball 2012 and when they left the stage, they all thanked their fans saying: “Thank you so much for all your support so far.” “Thank you for getting us to be able to play here at Wembley – just keep doing it Bajan style.”

Watch Cover Drive Perform Below:

Katy Perry: The singer was excited to perform at this year’s event because “It’s great company- lots of fun people that are going to be on stage.” She was also happy because she has a thing for Jessie J. “I love Jessie J, I have such a bad crush on her. She’s just cool – she’s cool.”

Perry wrapped up this year’s Summertime Ball with a set consisting of her biggest hits and a surprise performance. Looking as gorgeous as usual, she wore a polka dot ensemble with a latex jacket and a short cut as she began the closing performance of the night with ‘Hot N Cold.’

“London! How about a ‘Teenage Dream’ tonight?” she shouted before performing her hit ‘Teenage Dream’ and then making her way onto ‘Last Friday night (T.G.I.F.).’

Perry was as happy as ever and told the crowd: “England! Did you have a great time tonight? I’m so happy you saved me for last!” “I have never played here before and this is an incredible feeling. I want you to sing along to this next song, it’s called ‘Part Of Me’.”

She then performed ‘Part of Me’ with her bright and ever so colourful backup dancers and then jumped into ‘Wide Awake.’ Perry then slowed things down for an intimate performance of ‘The One That Got Away’ and then gave the crowd a surprise rendition of Queen’s ‘We Are The Champions.’

Katy Perry wrapped up the night with her hits ‘Firework’ and the Snoop Dogg collabo ‘California Gurls.’

Watch Katy Perry Perform Below:

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