Rita Ora Talks Her Musical Roots And More With Vibe

Published On June 9, 2012 | Celebrities, Music News, Publications

‘R.I.P’ singer Rita Ora was born in 1990 in Kosovo, Albania as Rita Sahatçiu Ora. Moments after her birth, she move to the U.K. where she has lived for the vast majority of her life and in her feature in Vibe Magazine, she told them that she feels it necessary to represent Albania.

Kosovan music has had a great influence on her current sound and the singer told the mag that Albanian President Atifete Jahjaga is eager to meet her – since she more or less put them on the map. “This is the thing: No one from my country has done this or even been on MTV or in the charts, so it’s like what to them, you know?” she said. “I definitely feel like everyone’s watching.” “It’s such a huge honor, I’m just a normal girl. I have this opportunity to really make history for our country, but I try not to think about it.”

Before the age of 16, Ora had already made a name for herself in the U.K. performing on numerous music shows and also at her father’s bar. She was discovered by an A&R rep at a Lykke Li concert who then introduced her to the Roc Nation family.

She also spoke about the fact that her album was postponed saying: “They knew what it was, otherwise they wouldn’t have signed me. But they knew my music could be something bigger.” “I’d be like, ‘Put me out!’ I was the eager singer that wanted to just make music. I wanted people to hear everything I was recording.” “And they were like, ‘Rita, relax. You’ve got us. Wait. Find yourself.’”

“There were a lot of things I didn’t know about myself,” Ora says. “It took two years to find the confidence. But I’m a very honest person, I generally speak my mind. I feel like my fans wanna hear me: a real girl, saying something real. I found an opportunity to express a real-life story through music.”

Even though she was forced to wait – for a good reason – she did say that patience was one of the best things that Jay-Z has taught her. . “The best thing that Jay ever taught me was patience. Breathe, find what you are and what you want to write about. No one can tell you what you are. Find yourself.”

Rita Ora recently performed ‘No Church In The Wild’ at the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge adding her own vocal twist to the intense rap track.

Listen To Rita Ora Perform ‘No Church In The Wild’ Below:

Check Out The Photos From Rita Ora’s Spread Below:


Photo Credit: Matt Doyle For Vibe.

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