Exclusive Interview: Christian Siriano Talks 2012 Collection

Published On June 17, 2012 | Celebrities, Fashion, Interviews

24January2013-Christian Siriano-Exclusive Interview

After winning Project Runway Season 4, Christian Siriano went on to become perhaps one of the most successful designers in the history of the competition. The youngest winner of the reality show, he soon created his own fashion line titled ‘Christian Siriano’ and he also formed multiple partnerships with large corporations such as LG and Spiegel.

We recently caught up with the 26-year-old Fashion Designer for an inside scoop about his career, collection, what trends he thinks will be big this year and more. Read below.

Star Trident: Have you always wanted to pursue a career in fashion and if you weren’t (in fashion) what would you be pursuing?

Christian Siriano: I think I always really loved fashion and I think I like the idea of theatre and drama but I’d probably be in design or costume design or be in the beauty industry, something in fashion.

Star Trident: What inspired your collection?

Christian Siriano: What I showed today was a mixture of Spring 2012, Fall 2011 and Spring 2010 because I really wanted to show the different world that you can show with fashion, so its all about this idea of glamour, this idea of getting dressed up and also things that are wearable; great blouses, beautiful pants, that you can wear everyday.

Star Trident: Which celebrity would best represent you line?

Christian Siriano: There are so many different types of celebrities and different actresses and musicians that I’ve dressed. Everyone from Taylor Swift to Rihanna, Lady Gaga to Christina Hendricks to Sarah Jessica Parker and all those in between, I love them all because they’re all special and they’re all characters, I’m a big fan of them so I think I’m proud to have all of them in my clothes.

Star Trident: What are the best perks about being a designer?

Christian Siriano: I think the best perk is doing what I love everyday.

Star Trident: what advice would you offer to aspiring designers?

Christian Siriano: You have to find your element what you are really good at, if your all about evening gowns, really make them perfect, if your all about jackets, make those jackets to perfection. It’s almost like you find that one great thing and you make it amazing.

Star Trident: What trends are going to be big in 2012?

Christian Siriano: I think colors are going to be a big trend, something fresh and new and exciting and I think color prints are the way to be ahead for spring.

Star Trident: What is one of the most difficult aspects of designing your line?

Christian Siriano: It’s always a challenge to do something new and exciting, and it’s a lot of work to keep up with, but if you love it then it works

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