Chris Brown Releases ‘Fortune’ Promo Images & Talks Rap

Published On June 23, 2012 | Celebrities, Music News

Chris Brown’s latest LP is due out on July 3rd and just days after premiering a futuristic commercial for the album, the singer has released two new promotional images for the effort (pictured above).

In one image, Brown is clad in all black while three females also dressed in black stand behind him. The second shot shows a number of females wearing black one pieces as they form the word ‘Fortune’ on a white background.

In other Chris Brown news, the singer recently spoke to MTV News about his rapping skills. “With the hip-hop and the rapping, I wouldn’t say it’s a hobby, it’s just me expressing myself,” he explained. “I didn’t sing on the record at all. It just was a rap song,” he said about ‘Look At Me Now’. “So I was like, ‘Cool, if they going with it, I’m gonna keep going.’”

“I think the culture now is starting to be very different and is acceptable to diversity,” Brown explained. “You don’t have to be the hardest of the hardest rapper, or the toughest of the toughest guy to make a statement verbally as far as your expression.”

“With Justin [Bieber], me, Drake and other people that rap that aren’t the DMXs of the world, it’s a different day.” “I think people are just listening to the music and not the actually lifestyle. They want to have fun; kids just want to have fun and be them. The rebellious stage is what we are about. We are the revolution.”

Watch Chris Brown Talk Rap With MTV Below:

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