Justin Bieber ‘All Around The World’ NBC Special Recap

Published On June 23, 2012 | Celebrities, Music News, Television

Teenage Heartthrob Justin Bieber went H.A.M promoting his latest album ‘Believe’ and he teamed up with NBC for a special entitled ‘Justin Bieber: All Around the World,’ which aired this week. The NBC special follows the 18-year-old singer during his promo tour, which includes studio time, the Capital FM Summertime Ball and even the concussion that he sustained while in Paris, France.

There’s a Q&A sesh at the start where JB explains the title ‘Believe,’ saying “Believe in your dreams, believe in yourself.” He also speaks on his millions of fans who are head over heels in love with him saying, “I guess I am cool with being a heartthrob. I’m 18 so it’s cool that a lot of girls like me,”

We are then given an insight into the drama that occurred in Norway including footage of fainting girls, him being massaged and performing in front of a sold out crowd. We also found out that that the show was put together in a number of days, which added so much more stress to the performance.

JB also treats us to footage of him performing at the Capital FM ‘Summertime Ball.’ There’s some serious artist placement as well because there’s a full performance of Carly Rae Jepsen performing ‘Call Me Maybe.’

The first episode ends with JB knocked out on the floor in Paris after sustaining a concussion. When the final half of the special airs, we see that Bieber has been tended to by a doctor and all is well.

He soon jets off back home to Stratford where he gives an acoustic performance of a few hits on the steps for the people of his hometown since he never wants to forget where he came from. His stylist Ryan Good gives us a little insight into his ‘Believe’ promo tour fashion revealing that they wanted to update his look hence why he wears strictly denim and leather.

JB intended to perform a free outdoor show in NYC but due to the previous run ins with the fans, the NYPD refused to grant him the permit and Scooter Braun was forced to find a new location. It also showed JB’s performance on the ‘TODAY’ show along with the time he spent with Jimmy Fallon.

There’s also a very emotional scene where he hangs with his favourite Belieber Avianna aka Mrs. Bieber, who has a special medical condition and unfortunately won’t have much time left.

Justin wanted to perform somewhere that Michael Jackson had previously performed and as he requested it, Scooter Braun came through and booked his gig the Apollo Theatre in Harlem. It shows what went down when JB’s star power caused the electrical circuits to overload and also what he did to burn time until everything was functioning.

Justin Bieber’s latest LP ‘Believe’ debuted at No.1 in 33 countries and as the most highly anticipated album of the year, Billboard expects that it will make the largest debut sales week of the year, moving between 390,000 and 410,000 copies by Sunday, June 24th.

Watch Justin Bieber’s ‘All Around The World’ NBC Part One Below:

Watch Justin Bieber’s ‘All Around The World’ NBC Part Two Below:

Photo Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images. 

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