Adam Lambert Says ‘American Idol’ Gig Is A “Beautiful Rumor”

Published On July 10, 2012 | Celebrities, Music News

E! Online reported yesterday that ‘American Idol’ execs aren’t expecting Jennifer Lopez to return as a judge on the new season and they are currently considering Adam Lambert as one of the many options. “They have been talking about Adam for over a month,” said a source. “He knows what it’s like to be on the receiving end of the judges’ comments, he has a human touch, and they know they can’t go wrong if they bring him on. He would be able to bring a unique perspective to the show.”

Despite all of these reports, the singer spoke to Capital FM saying, “I’m just hearing about this today as well, and so what a beautiful rumor.” “Listen, if — and I say ‘if’ with a capital I-F — if they were to approach me and if they were to say, ‘We want you to be a judge on the show,’ I would love that. I would jump at the chance.”

“I owe my career to American Idol,” he continued. “I mean, if it weren’t for American Idol, I doubt that I would be sitting here with you… I think it would be really exciting to be sitting at a judging panel and trying to help people reach their dreams.”

Lambert continued to release an official statement about his interest in the position saying, “Idol has an amazing history of introducing great musical talent, and I was very fortunate to have had the Idol stage play a big part in my career.” “IF Idol wants to talk to me about Judging, I’d be more than flattered to have that conversation.”

If the ‘American Idol’ execs have Lambert high on the list of potential judges, now they know that he’s willing to jump at their offer.

Watch Adam Lambert Talk ‘American Idol’ On ‘Capital FM’ Below:

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