Britney Spears Gets Catty In ‘X Factor’ Commercial, Demi Lovato Flips

Published On July 14, 2012 | Celebrities, Television

Some people thought that Brit Brit wasn’t suitable to be a judge on ‘X Factor’ because she was too soft but if they’ve seen the new commercial, we’re more than sure that they regret making such a false statement.

While Cowell is usually the one giving the harsh critiques, Spears proves that she’s got just what it takes as she dishes out the truthful yet harsh comments. She tells one contestant, “You can’t destroy that song” and told another “You definitely don’t have the X factor.” Ouch!

Meanwhile, Britney’s fellow judge Demi Lovato went at it against a pair of ‘X Factor’ hopefuls who rapped about bath salts. “She wasn’t having any of it,” a source confirmed to E! News. “She said ‘It’s really irresponsible to be rapping about drugs in front of kids.’ Then they tried to make excuses and Demi said, ‘You talked about bath salts, I heard you.'”

In case you weren’t aware, ‘Bath Salts’ is a synthetic powder that reportedly gives the same effect as crystal meth and cocaine. Lovato herself was once addicted to drugs and entered into rehabilitation for her problems so for her their foolish act was very personal.

Later on during the auditions in Greensboro, N.C., the judges were also surprised when they learnt that another hopeful was the grandson of Ray Charles. “This guy came on and told the judges a story about how his grandmother was in the movies and after they’d been talking for a few minutes, they finally realized that Ray Charles was his grandfather. The judges were massively surprised,” reports The Hollywood Reporter.

The new season of ‘X Factor’ is shaping up to be very impressive. No wonder ‘American Idol’ is trying to up their game.

Watch The New ‘X Factor’ Commercial Below:

Photo Credit: Jason Arthurs/Getty Images.

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