Mariah Carey To Release New Album In March 2013

Published On August 12, 2012 | Celebrities, Music News

Mariah Carey has been out of the game for quite for some time and now that she’s inching her way back into the musical spotlight, her lambs should be uber excited to know that they can expect a new album by March 2013.

According to Billboard, the diva is eyeing a Spring 2013 release but nothing has been set in stone. This is due to a number of factors, one being that Carey and her team are waiting for ‘American Idol’ to air so that she can perform on a few of the live episodes. Carey is also waiting for her comeback single ‘Triumphant (Get Em)’ to garner significant hype– it hits radio on August 13th .

Speaking of garnering hype, this is exactly why three different versions of the single were released – to satisfy all of her lambs. “The vintage throwback mix will remind fans of remixes she did years ago, and she’s had a lot of Billboard No. 1 dance hits as well,” Jackson said. “She went in and re-sang the vocals, knowing that the two verses on this first version of this single with Meek and Ross were going to be hip-hop verses where people were rapping. We wanted to have something for all of her fans.”

“The album is going to be one of the great Mariah Carey albums with a lot of stuff that you’ve come to love about her over the years,” he added.

Jackson also explained why she her vocals aren’t the focal point on ‘Triumphant.’ “Most people probably don’t understand this, but you always play to what’s best for the song,” he said. “You don’t go in and say, ‘Wait a minute. I know they’re rapping on these verses, but I need to be singing on these verses. Me, me, me.’ It just turns out that way.”

Listen To Mariah Carey -‘Triumphant (Get ‘Em)’ Feat. Rick Ross & Meek Mill Below:


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