Lady Gaga Weds Taylor Kinney In Fifth ‘You & I’ Fashion Film

Published On August 17, 2012 | Celebrities, Fashion

It’s been long overdue but Lady Gaga’s fifth ‘You & I’ fashion clip has finally been released (about six months after the fourth one) and in the eyes of Gaga, it’s probably the most special one yet since it features a wedding and kiss with her lover Taylor Kinney.

Just like we did, some of you may be asking yourselves why she took so long to release it but seeing how her iconic ‘You & I’ music video was released one year ago yesterday (August 16th), all the pieces of the puzzle are now beginning to add up.

Gaga and Kinney met on set during the ‘You & I’ video shoot and in the clip titled ‘Barn Hooker and Mother,’ their on-screen romance bubbles until it overflows.

As we’d expect, Gaga is quite the dominatrix wearing a black-strapped outfit with torn stockings before switching to a wedding gown with a massive white veil covering her face. Kinney also gets quite the amount of screen time in a white tuxedo before going shirtless and showing off his abs.

Gaga is also doing some serious flashing as she lifts her wedding dress, showing off her panties and rubbing her crotch. As the video comes to an end, she shares a passionate kiss with her boyfriend under the veil before her silhouette brings the clip to a close.

Watch The Fifth Lady Gaga ‘You & I’ Fashion Film Below:

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