Lady Gaga Releases New ‘Fame’ Fragrance Ads & Monstervision #3

Published On August 26, 2012 | Celebrities

Lady Gaga takes all of her endeavors very seriously and her debut fragrance ‘Fame’ is no different. Just this week, the singer released two new commercials to promote the first ever-black eau-de-parfum and as usual, the visuals are more striking than any commercial that we have ever seen.

In the third ‘Fame’ fragrance commercial, we see Mother Monster with black lips and dagger-like nails as she rubs mud on the face of her male muse. You’d think that the clip was over but it jumps to a shot of Gaga covered in a gold material with the bottle in hand.

The fourth fragrance ad crams much more visuals into the 32-second time frame. Set to her ‘Born This Way’ track ‘Scheiße,’ Gaga puts on her best model walk and struts her stuff down two lines of men who wear outfits similar to the models in her ‘Alejandro’ video. Once again, the focus suddenly shifts to that massive figure of a nude Gaga with Little Monsters crawling all over her body before the clip comes to a close.

Cramming our minds with even more Lady Gaga. She released Monstervision No.3 this week and it shows the singer holding Zachary, dancing with her mother on Christmas day, flashed her breasts and rehearsing as Jo Calderone for her performance of ‘You & I’ at the 20111 MTV VMA’s.

Watch Lady Gaga’s New ‘Fame’ Commercial Below:

Watch Lady Gaga’s New ‘Fame’ Commercial Below:

Watch Monstervision No.3 Below:

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