Usher Wins Custody Battle; Premieres ‘Dive’ Video Feat. Chanel Iman

Published On August 26, 2012 | Celeb Facts, Celebrities, Music News

There has been a major turn in the legal battle between Usher and Tameka Foster and the case has officially come to a close. The judge has awarded the singer with primary custody of his two sons, Usher Raymond V, 4, and Naviyd, 3.

Both sides were trying to obtain primary custody and according to TMZ, Usher accused Tameka of being inattentive and irresponsible while Foster argued that Usher was never around and used drugs in front of their kids. Her allegations hurt him so much that he began to cry while on the stand.

Nonetheless, the judge took sides with the ‘Scream’ singer and he emerged victorious!

Another dose of positive Usher news is that the singer has released the accompanying visuals to his latest single ‘Dive.’ In the clip, supermodel Chanel Iman joins Usher aboard his luxury yacht where he seduces her with his vocals.

As he sings to her, the clothes begin to come off and when they begin to ‘dive’ into each other, things take an interesting turn as the yacht begins to sink. Despite the tragedy that is unfolding right in front of their eyes, the two completely ignore the fact that they are near death and somehow escape at the last minute, closing the video with a passionate underwater kiss.

It seems like Usher has got a thing for Titanic. Wouldn’t you say?

Watch Usher, ‘Dive’ Below:

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