Fresh Tunes: The Wanted – ‘I Found You’

Published On September 7, 2012 | Celebrities, Fresh Tunes, Music News

The Wanted announced that they would debut their new single today (September 7th) and they lived up to their word. Following in the footsteps of their U.S. breakout hit single ‘Glad You Came,’ their new single ‘I Found Love’ has a similar sound that will definitely result in extensive radio play.

Funny enough, ‘Glad You Came’ producer Steve Mac also helmed ‘I Found You’. Opening with pulsating synths, the boys tell a story of finding love in an unexpected place and the effect that it has had on them.

In an impressive falsetto they sing, “I found you in my darkest hour / I found you in the pouring rain / I found you when I was on my knees / And your life brought me back again / Found you in a river of pure emotion / I found you, my only truth / I found you and the music playing / I was lost ’til I found you.”

‘I Found You’ is the first single lifted from The Wanted’s upcoming album that is set to hit shelves in 2013. The Chris Marrs Piliero directed video for the track is expected to fall into the hands of the public in a few days.

Listen To The Wanted, ‘I Found You’ Below:

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