Christina Aguilera Talks About The Influence Of ‘The Voice’ On ‘Lotus’

Published On September 25, 2012 | Celebrities, Music News

Christina Aguilera’s upcoming album ‘Lotus’ is full of surprises and during a chat with MTV, she revealed that it was influenced by her coaching role on ‘The Voice.’

“This year in particular, season three, I have a very pop-oriented team,” Aguilera told MTV. “And they come to me and they’re like, ‘You know, I remember being in my room trying to dissect and learn all of the little ad libs and your technique and the runs and things like that, hitting your notes.’ It inspired me also to want to give more of myself vocally on this record to let the next generation of great singers evolve and be inspired once again to dissect and learn certain lyrics and things.”

She added that being a judge allows her to “see through the eyes of aspiring artists at the beginning of their journey, to be part of their journey, to see the hunger in their eyes and to sort of regain some of that back for myself.”

Aguilera loves her fan base and ‘Lotus’ has something on it for everyone. ”I wanted to make a record that speaks to those fans who grew up listening to my music and yet reintroduce new fans … watching me on ‘The Voice’ at 6 years old who don’t know about my first record.”

“The term ‘lotus’ means to me the unbreakable flower,” she noted. “No matter the harshest of weather conditions, or its surroundings, it still survives and it thrives throughout time.”

‘Lotus’ is out November 13th and the album’s lead single ‘Your Body’ is available on iTunes now.

Watch Christina Aguilera Talk ‘Lotus’ Below:

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