Christina Aguilera Is A Twisted Seductress In ‘Your Body’ Video Premiere

Published On September 28, 2012 | Celebrities, Music News

After numerous steaming teasers, the wait is over …

Christina Aguilera is back in full diva form and literally moments ago, she premiered the highly anticipated video for her latest single ‘Your Body.’ In the clip, Aguilera not only works her body and flaunts a number of rainbow colours, but she also uses her seductive charm to take the lives of numerous men.

Aguilera kicks off her day like any other playing video games on an ancient computer before being told by her psychic partner Oranum that she’s going to have a killer week. She enjoys a bowl of cereal while watching TV and her day really begins when she meets her first victim.

Standing on the roadside, she hitches a ride with a very unlucky dude and after sleeping with him in the front seat of the car, she blows it to bits and moves on to her next victim. Next up is an unlucky bloke at a bar who plays a game of Pool with the seductress before joining her in a bathroom for some fun. Little does he know that Aguilera will milk him for everything that he’s worth and in an explosion of blue, she walks out and wipes his entrails from her mouth.

Aguilera is on a roll and pulls up at the gas station in a Pink pickup truck where she catches the eye of the gas station attendant and travels to a Pink Motel. Like her previous victims, he stands no chance and hypnotized by her beauty and charm, he gets his brains bashed out with a baseball bat. Ouch!

‘Your Body is all kinds of sexy, colourful and crazy but thankfully, “no men were harmed in the making of this video.”  Phew!

Produced by Max Martin and Shellback, ‘Your Body’ is the first single lifted from Aguilera’s upcoming album ‘Lotus’ out in November.

Watch Christina Aguilera’s ‘Your Body’ Video Below:

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