Fresh Tunes: Taylor Swift – ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’

Published On October 9, 2012 | Celebrities, Fresh Tunes, Music News

After getting us amped up for her new tack ‘I Knew You Were Trouble,’ Taylor Swift has released the full song on iTunes and we’ve got the full review for your reading pleasure!

The popstep song features Swift singing about her failed relationship and jumping into it even though she knew that it was never going to be a success. Along with her vocals, the track boasts a unique beat that features plenty of instrumentation and heavy dubstep drops.

Swift sings: “I knew you were trouble when you walked in / 
Shame on me now / 
Flew me to places / 
I’d never been
 / Til you put me down / Oh I knew you were trouble when you walked in
 / So shame on me now / 
Flew me to places I’d never been / Now I’m lying on the cold hard ground / 
Trouble, trouble, trouble.”

“It’s the song that’s one of my favorites on the album because it sounds just as chaotic as the feeling was when I wrote it,” she said of the song.
She continued, “It’s a song about kind of being frustrated with yourself, because here you are heartbroken, and you knew when you first saw that person, you saw all these red flags and you just went for it anyway. So shame on me.”

‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ is lifted from her upcoming album ‘Red,’ out October 22nd.

Listen To Taylor Swift, ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ Below:

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