Turns Out That Justin Bieber’s Laptop Really Was Stolen

Published On October 14, 2012 | Celeb Facts, Celebrities

Justin Bieber managed to prank his entire fan base when personal footage from his stolen laptop began to leak and while the whole thing was just a publicity stunt to garner hype for the ‘Beauty And A Beat’ video premiere, it turns out that his laptop really was stolen.

On October 10th around 9P.M., a police report was filed under the name of Josh Williams, JB’s tour manager. After the report was filed, JB’s camp decided to make “lemonade out of lemons,” which is how the entire hoax came to be.

“Regardless of anything, I don’t think a city should be judged by one idiot’s actions,” JB’s manager, Scooter Braun said. “We had an incredible experience at that show in Tacoma. One of our dancers grew up in Tacoma. We’ve only heard good things, and had a great experience there and in Seattle. And we plan on coming back there. One idiot’s decision to steal a computer in our offices won’t affect how we feel about that city.”

Watch The Justin Bieber ‘Beauty And A Beat’ Video Feat. Nicki Minaj Below:

Photo Credit: Getty Images.

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