Miley Cyrus Talks Nick Jonas, New Music & Love Scenes With Ryan Seacrest

Published On October 19, 2012 | Celebrities, Music News

Miley Cyrus is making her way back into the film and music world and during an interview with host supreme Ryan Seacrest, she opened up about Nick Jonas , ‘Two And a Half Men,’ her new music, love scenes and more.

Miley On ‘Two And a Half Men’ : “It was so fun. Chuck and everyone at ‘Two and a Half Men,’ they’re just genius. I’ve been wanting to work with Ashton forever and I couldn’t really take time away to do a movie from my record right now. So, we wanted to work together, then we thought ‘Two and a Half Men’ would be the quick and easy way to do it. It turned out to be something that I loved so much I came back for a 2nd episode. I think it’s fun for the show, because what we thought was fun about my character is everyone that came on even when Charlie was there it was, Who’s going to sleep with Charlie or who’s going to sleep with Ashton? And that’s so not my character. My character is just so in your face and blunt and really kind of puts Ashton back in his place. It’s really fun and they’ve never really had a girl character come on like that.”

On Being Mistaken For Gwen Stefani: “To be honest, I was so spaced out, I was confused. I couldn’t really understand what he was yelling, because I had just hugged Gwen. So, me and Gwen we’re the same when we are together. He was seeing double at that point, but it was actually really both of us…it wasn’t just the alcohol. He was partying and was like, ‘Gwen!’ Even though I was just standing there with Gwen. So, it was pretty weird. Then he was like, ‘I love your dad.’ I’m like, ‘Okay, I’m confused. So, Billy Ray Cyrus is Gwen Stefani’s dad? I’m so confused.’”

On Her New Album: “I’ve been working with Pharrell a lot and working with Dr. Luke. There’s a good mix on this record of songs that are kind of about things that I’ve gone through and making this album after I just got engaged and all this. But also just some fun party songs too,” she says. And when will Miley be releasing these new songs? “Hopefully by the end of this year I’ll have a single out, not hopefully, we will have a single out by the end of this year. Then hopefully next year another single, pretty early in next year, then an album to drop, and hopefully a tour to follow.”

On ‘Wedding Bells’ : “I don’t know who else is getting married…so I feel like that’s pretty blatant, it’s whatever. Like I said, everyone has to write songs that are about things that they felt and he even introduced that this isn’t the way that I am. So, you can’t ever hate on someone for writing about something you’ve been through. I think that you kind of get a fair warning when you date an artist and someone that’s a writer. When you’re going through things that you’re going to end up hearing about it on the radio.” “I don’t know [if it’s about me]…wedding bells are in my future, so I don’t know.”

Listen To Miley Cyrus Chat With Ryan Seacrest Below:

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