The Weeknd Premieres Abstract ‘Wicked Games’ Video

Published On October 19, 2012 | Album News, Celebrities, Music News

The Weeknd is quite the abstract artist and the newly released ‘Wicked Games’ demonstrates his artistic abilities. The black-and-white clip features a gorgeous lady who channels a stripper and dances n the background while he delivers his vocals next to a Mercedes Benz jeep.

The Weeknd promised that their newfound fame wouldn’t change them and so far, they’re staying true to their word!

While fans enjoy the ‘Wicked Games’ that they have to offer, they can also enjoy the newly released track listing to the ‘Trilogy’ compilation album. The album hits stores on November 13th and is available for pre-order on iTunes.

Watch The Weeknd’s ‘Wicked Games’ Video Below:

The Weeknd, ‘Trilogy’ Track List:

Disc 1:

1. ‘High For This’
2. ‘What You Need’ [Music Video]
3. ‘House of Balloons’ / ‘Glass Table Girls’
4. ‘The Morning’
5. ‘Wicked Games’
6. ‘The Party & The After Party’
7. ‘Coming Down’
8. ‘Loft Music’
9. ‘The Knowing’ [Music Video]
10. ‘Twenty Eight’

Disc 2:

1. ‘Lonely Star’
2. ‘Life of the Party’
3. ‘Thursday’
4. ‘The Zone’ (Feat. Drake)
5. ‘The Birds Part 1′
6. ‘The Birds Part 2′
7. ‘Rolling Stone’ [Music Video]
8. ‘Gone’
9. ‘Heaven or Las Vegas’
10. ‘Valerie’

Disc 3:

1. ‘D.D.’
2. ‘Montreal’
3. ‘Outside’
4. ‘XO’ / ‘The Host’
5. ‘Initiation’
6. ‘Same Old Song’ (Feat. Juicy J)
7. ‘The Fall’
8. ‘Next’
9. ‘Echoes of Silence’
10. ‘Till Dawn (Here Comes the Sun)’
11. ‘The Zone’ [Music Video]

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