Bruno Mars Completely Aces ‘Saturday Night Live’ Spot

Published On October 21, 2012 | Celebrities, Music News, Television

Bruno Mars was a very prominent personality on ‘Saturday Night Live’ last night (October 20th) where he acted as both the host and musical guest. Mars had the crowd dying of laughter during his roles in the hilarious skits and he also had them on their feet during his string of performances.

Mars has his live sets down packed and he brought the house down with a performance of his most recent single ‘Locked Out Of Heaven’ and a new ballad called ‘Young Wild Girls.’

Apart from his live performances, he made us spit the milkshake right out of our mouth with his comedic acting skills.

In the ‘Haters’ sketch, he shocked everyone when he emerged wearing leggings, a varsity jacket and a blonde wig. Mars was “a 17-year-old dropout who refuses to get a job,” and hen he came out on stage, he told the crowd, “Whatchu want? What you want? What you want want want want want?! Y’all are just jealous because I’m young and I got a debit card and I know where the party at!”

Lol. He added, “Y’all just mad that you ain’t got this. Stop hatin’, Jesus made me perfect!”

He also starred in the ‘Sad Mouse’ sketch, which was recorded ahead of time in NYC. Apart from that, he also starred in the ‘Amusement Park,’ ‘Underground Festival’ and ‘Wilderness Lodge’ sketches.

Watch Bruno Mars’ Monologue Below:

Watch Bruno Mars Perform ‘Locked Out Of Heaven’ Below:

Watch Bruno Mars Perform ‘Young Wild Girls’ Below:

Watch Bruno Mars In ‘Sad Mouse’ Below:

Watch Bruno Mars In ‘Haters’ Below:

Watch Bruno Mars In ‘Amusement Park’ Below:

Watch Bruno Mars In ‘Underground Festival Below:

Watch Bruno Mars In ‘Wilderness Lodge’ Below:

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