Kendrick Lamar Is California Dreamin’ On ‘Complex’ Cover

Published On October 23, 2012 | Celebrities, Publications

Kendrick Lamar is California Dreamin’ on the cover of ‘Complex’ magazine’s latest digital issue. Lamar looks as relaxed as ever in celebration of the release of his album ‘good kid, m.A.A.d city,’ and on the cover, he keeps his eyes shut and wears a pair of headphones.

Here’s what Kendrick Lamar had to say:

On the inspiration of the album: “You go to certain suburban neighborhoods in L.A. and mention that you’re from Compton [and] people will want to hide everything they have on them, get away from you thinking you’re going to rob them. It’s funny; it doesn’t piss me off. The reputation is real. Just like with any other ghetto in the world. People think Compton is all about colors. It’s deeper than colors. You might think that’s a Blood neighborhood, everyone must wear red, I gotta wear red. No. Nowadays, people wear whatever they want to wear, especially the kids.”

On his family upbringing: “My folks, they werenʼt the type to hug and kiss in front of me. They looked more like best friends than husband and wife. They werenʼt overprotective. They let me go. When I say go, I mean go. Because they knew that I was gonna do it anyway. So whatever it was, they let me do it because they understood that. But one particular time, I tried to come back [home] and they werenʼt f*cking with me.”

On his hopes for the album: “My music is for the world, not just for Compton, or myself. My fans look at me as a leader because I represent myself as a leader.”

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