Psy Does ‘Gangnam’ On The Cover Of ‘Billboard’

Published On October 28, 2012 | Celebrities, Music News, Publications

‘Gangnam Style’ smash maker Psy covers the latest issue of ‘Billboard’ magazine wearing a tuxedo with a lime green blazer as he dances all across the page. On the inside of the music bible, Psy has quite an interesting cover story as he opens up about his newfound fame, ‘Gangnam Style,’ K-Pop and more.

Here’s what Psy had to say:

On his Korean pride: “The basic principle I have is that what is most Korean is what is the most international. I don’t want to come here and act like I’m an American. I want to showcase the dynamic potential Korea has, and I want to prove that as an artist.”

On bringing K-Pop to America: “Even if the cultures are different, a human being usually sees the same thing and feels a similar type of enjoyment. When you see Niagara Falls, you’re going to feel the same thing. It’s grand, and it’s amazing. So, I think, what’s already been proven and tested in Korea will work here.”

Psy on being compared to his K-Pop predecessors: “When the Korean press and the netizens [Internet commenters in Korea] talk about my progress in America, they somewhat poke fun of the other K-pop acts, and I think that’s wrong. It doesn’t matter who it is. If a Korean artist reaches to the top, we’re all ready to stand up and applaud for him or her.”

Psy on his newfound fame: “I was nothing here. So that’s why I can do anything.”

Republic president/CEO Monte Lipman on Psy: “I don’t put him in the same category [as other K-pop artists]. I put PSY in the same category as some of the biggest acts in the world. PSY is a superstar. He’s got that charisma, that sense of confidence and showmanship.”

Photo Credit: ‘Billboard.’

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