Snoop Lion Announces February Release For ‘Reincarnated’ Documentary & Album

Published On October 28, 2012 | Album News, Celebrities, Film News, Music News

Snoop Dogg was reincarnated into Snoop Lion and we’re proud to announce that his ‘Reincarnated’ documentary will hit theaters in February. The film was screened at a number of film festivals and has received rave reviews so fans have something to be excited for.

The b-i-g Snoop Lion will also release the accompanying album in February giving his fans full insight into his recent journey. “If I just drop this music, it leaves room for questioning,” he told Billboard. “You wouldn’t understand the whole journey or the transformation. When I allow you to see the movie, to go on the journey with me, to see exactly why I’m the lion, why the music changed — [you’ll] have a full understanding.”

“I came out in hip-hop, gangsta rapper, West Coast, that is who I am, that is what I will always been [sic] in hip-hop,” he added. “That’s why the transformation into reggae fits the mode better, because to me reggae is about love and peace and unity and struggle.”

“People respect me, so musically, I can do whatever I like,” he explained. “When I took on a song that I had called ‘Sexual Eruption,’” it was a song where there was singing, 90% of the song, and it was one of my biggest records. One thing about me and the people, they appreciate my voice, no matter what it’s doing. If it’s singing, rapping, talking, they appreciate the voice and the time that I put into giving them something creative from me.”


Photo Credit: Getty Images.

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