Lady Gaga & Calvin Harris Feud On Twitter

Published On October 29, 2012 | Celeb Facts, Celebrities

Lady Gaga and Calvin Harris are both excellent at what they do and sadly, the two engaged in a bitter Twitter feud just moments ago. Harris recently sat down for an interview with BBC and during his chat, he revealed that he turned down the chance to work with Lady Gaga because he wasn’t really feeling her and this didn’t sit well for Gaga or her monsters.

When asked about turning her down, he revealed that he said, “Thanks but no thanks” because he was “a busy rascal at the time.” He went on to explain that when he was offered the chance to collaborate with her, she wasn’t as big as she is now.

“You’ve got to pick people whose songs or voice that you like, and at that stage, it was before she was very, very big,” Harris said. “They sent me some songs and I didn’t really like the songs, and that’s okay. They didn’t send me the big songs. It was, ‘Will you work on these album tracks, please?’”

Gaga and Harris exchanged a few bitter tweets but it all sorted itself out after a while and their feud was quickly extinguished.

Read what Gaga and Harris had to say below:





Photo Credit: Getty Images.

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