Rihanna Not Bothered That Chris Brown & Karrueche Tran Are Chill

Published On October 29, 2012 | Celeb Facts, Celebrities

Everyone knows about the corrupt love triangle consisting of Rihanna, Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran and while Brown may have dumped Tran for RiRi, he can’t resist her cake. CB has no idea what he wants in his life and has been spotted on multiple occasions with Tran, who is supposed to be infuriated at him.

“I know [Chris] loves Rihanna and that’s his number one, but [he] still is looking after [Karrueche Tran] on the low,” a source said. “I didn’t really see that s**t coming, but I know how it is. He’s been seeing her this past week and I guess they’re talking. I’m not trying to say Chris is doing anything bad because I don’t think he is. It’s way complicated and s**t. He left [Karrueche] for Rihanna and that’s real f**king love right there. On the other hand, [Karrueche] is still calling and texting him and he gets weak.”

The source continued, “[Rihanna] isn’t that damn happy he’s talking to [Karrueche], but you know what though, Rihanna loves [him] majorly. There really isn’t too much [Chris] could do that would piss her off. Chris is my [friend], no doubt, but he’s young and a superstar and he’s out there. He’s really out there, likes to party and clown and s**t and Rihanna knows that. She’s mature and understands what type of s**t Chris [gets into]. Rihanna is cool. She [isn’t] going to leave him over him hanging with [Karrueche]. Her heart is all caught up over Chris and his is too. They’re cool, so don’t trip.”

Rih … watch your back! We know that you’re feeling very ‘Unapologetic’ but that doesn’t mean that you should let Chris Brown break your heart all over again. But as we always say … Do ya thang!

Photo Credit: Getty Images.

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