Taylor Swift Covers Delta Sky Magazine In Bright Orange

Published On November 2, 2012 | Celebrities, Fashion, Publications

Taylor Swift ditches her new favourite colour red in favour of orange on the cover of the latest issue of Delta Sky Magazine. Swift looks absolutely stunning on the cover in an orange dress with a red lip and on the inside pages, she shows off her model side striking fierce poses for fashion photographer Jeff Lipsky.

Here’s what Taylor Swift had to say:

On her kitchen skills: “Now I make blackberry jam, because it is really easy, and I think up clever titles for it like ‘Pump Up the Jam’ and ‘Jam Session.’ Or, like, random hip-hop ones like, ‘Blackberry Jam Boots with the Fur.’ It doesn’t make sense.” She smiles. “But I like it.”

On decorating jars and gifting them: “It changes people’s lives,” she says, showing a photo of said jam on her iPhone. Swift explains that she only gives small portions. “I don’t want to overwhelm people.” She grins slyly, takes a bite of lettuce, ranch dressing falling on her lip. “I always want to leave people wanting more.”

On her love of poetry: “Poetry and lyrics are very similar. Making words bounce off a page. I like anything that tells a bit of the story. And at the end, the last phrase changes everything for you. Or shocks you.”

On songwriting: “Getting a great idea with song writing is a lot like love,” Swift explains. “You don’t know why this one is different, but it is. You don’t know why this one is better, but it is. It sticks in your head and you can’t stop thinking about it.”

On her fans: “In general, my fans tend to be really good people. I trust them. I mean, everybody has a tiny bunch of crazies, like a file, but in general, my fans are really respectful and nice and cool.”

On the mood of her records: “I’ve never felt the need to make the dark and twisty record. Or the, ‘I’m a woman now!’ record. Anything from the ’50s and ’60s.”When I heard ‘Grenade’ by Bruno Mars, I was soooo mad at how good it was. I was in the car, and when I heard the hook, I just started clapping.”

On music: “I don’t like it when music is just one thing,” Swift says, rolling her eyes. “Just catchy. Or just deep. I like when people can combine a bunch of great things. I just never want to bore people, you know?” More to the point, “I don’t want to bore myself.”

On her previous music: “I think back when I was 14,” she says. “I used movies and stories and daydreams to gather inspiration for writing songs, because I hadn’t had any boyfriends at that point.”
She has since had several. “Which, I found out,” she says cheekily, “is a much more effective way of getting inspiration. Oh yeah.” (Her current inspiration is Conor Kennedy.) But she sees progression in her future: “When I have kids, I know that’s all I’m going to think about.”

On criticism: “Joni Mitchell has this amazing quote, ‘They’ll crucify me if I change and they’ll crucify me if I stay the same, so I’m going to change because it’s more fun.’ ”
Swift pauses. Tilts her head.
“If I had wanted to make the same record that I made last time around, I could have easily done that. You evolve.” Besides, she continues, “nine months ago I was onstage accepting two Grammys for a song they said was too country. And now I put out a song that isn’t country enough.” She shrugs with gentle exasperation. “The only comment I need to read is that it is number one.”

On being hurt: “I’ve never gotten thick skin. If you close yourself off and you get this protective armor, there is a price you pay with that—of not feeling. And feeling is important when you are a songwriter.”

Check Out The Photos From Her Spread Below:


Go Behind-The-Scenes Of Her Cover Shoot Below:

Photo Credit: Jeff Lipsky.

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